Write the Book Already!

Self-Study Course

Did you know that when you write a book, you are also launching a business? 

Are you ready to get your message to the masses but are unsure where to start?

Have you dreamed of becoming a published author but need help organizing your thoughts?

Are you currently stuck in the middle of writing your manuscript but now suffer from writer’s block? 

If you answered a resounding YES to any of the above questions WRITE THE BOOK ALREADY is just for YOU!

Write the Book Already Self-Study Program is a step by step guide on how to write a best-selling book in 7 days which includes the exact system/blueprint I have used to become an 9x #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author. 

Inside of this course, you will learn how to clear out the clutter and organize your thoughts in preparation to begin the writing process!

Now more than ever is the time to share your message with the masses! WHY? 

Because we all have a story and books serve as a lifeline to many who are just on the brink of giving up or in search for a solution to an ongoing problem. 

Here’s What’s Covered…

During this training course I share a 10 Step Guide on How to Write a Best Selling Book which includes:

  • How to Develop Content for Your Book
  • Strategy Implementation to Prevent Writer’s Block
  • 7 Day Writing Process That is Proven to Work
  • How to Develop Marketable Chapter Titles for Your Book
  • What to Do BEFORE You Publish Your Book
  • How to Create a Solid Marketing Plan to Sell Your Book
  • How to Use Your Book to Launch Your Speaking Career


  • Carla has written 9 Internationally Best Selling Books

  • Carla used her first book to launch her speaking career

  • Carla didn’t wait on anyone to create a platform for her; she created her own!

  • Carla has helped thousands of people write their book to launch their business!

  • Carla is also a Publisher and Writing Coach.

  • Carla became a 6-figure earner through book writing which led to other opportunities. 

  • Carla has hosted her own tours traveling across the country activating men & women into purpose.

  • Carla loves educating her students on how to package their brilliance to bankroll their business by writing a book!

This Training Course Consist of 4 Modules Entitled: (You can work at your own pace)

  • How to Develop Content & Write Your Book

  • How to Establish a Writing Schedule

  • How to Publish Your Book

  • How to Develop Your Platform as a Speaker + Bonus Topics

Once You Sign Up You Will Receive the exclusive Write the Book Already Workbook (e-copy sent via email.) 

Write the Book Already Includes…

  • The Workbook (serves as the actual program that consists of 4 modules.)

  • Carla’s 10 Step Guide to Write Like a Boss e-book as a BONUS

  • (1) 60 minute strategy call w/ Carla

  • A follow up session once you complete your manuscript to discuss the next steps


  • Someone is waiting on you to share your story in an effort to overcome.

  • Storytelling is an art and requires strategy.

  • Book writing positions you to leave a legacy for your family.

  • You will learn how your books can be developed into training manuals, live events and more!

  • Writing a book is a great way to launch your business!

  • Your book(s) will go places your feet may never tread!

    This program has worked for men & women who submitted to the process, were teachable & refused to skip steps! If you follow the blueprint within this training not only will you write your book in 7 days but you will be on your way to becoming a published author! 

The investment for this self-study coaching program is ONLY $697!

Testimonials from Superstar Clients

Kimberly Spruill, Author

Jasmine Moreno, Author


Tonika Breedon

Carla’s training course was excellent in providing me with the necessary tools to transition from writer to a published author. Within this training course I learned how to effectively wrtie and market my book. If you have a book on the inside of you, I highly recommend you to work with Carla. She will indeed help you write, publish and market your book as a way to expand your message further into the marketplace!

Victoria Ann Leeking

Victoria Leeking

“One day I was on a social media site, I saw Carla advertising that she was a Book Coach and that she helped others write, publish and market their book. I decided to reach out to her and I don’t regret doing so. Today I look back and I am still in awe of how smooth the process went. Carla made this process very comfortable and easy and she also ensured she stayed on top of my project making me feel as if I was a priority.”


Daniel Stombaugh

“Carla and her team took the stress of the publishing process out of the equation and through precise and deliberate step by step instruction; she walked me through what had at one time been my reason to delay in accomplishing the dream of writing a book. No matter what stage you are in “the dream”, I would whole heartedly recommend my publisher Carla R. Cannon to help you take your vision to the next level!”

If you are ready to Write a Book to Launch Your Business let’s get started now!