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         Today I want to share 5 things you can do right away when your get up and go has got up and gone.

        These tips can be applied to your personal or professional life:

  1. Remember WHY you started in the first place- Sometimes you have to encourage yourself and talk yourself off the ledge; therefore, you also have the power to rear yourself back in. Your why is what keeps you when your what tries to break you!
  2. Reflect on all the things you have overcome before– Although you may currently be in a bad space, you don’t have to remain there. Take a moment to journal about all of the times God made a way for you before. Often times when life has a squeeze on us, we develop amnesia. This is why it’s important to create a “Journal of Remembrance” where you notate all of your prayers and prophesies and the dates God answered this. Doing so will keep you encouraged on your toughest days. 
  3. Connect with a Spiritual Advisor, Mentor/Coach– Needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. Truth is no matter how successful someone is, trust me they did not arrive there on their own. Oprah didn’t become the media mogul she is today without the involvement of Gayle (and many others for that matter.) Pride and ego have no place when you are in a desperate situation. Reach out to someone you can trust with your humanity, who will help you fight and press through and still respect you once it’s over. 
  4. Journal Your Feelings- Journaling is a great form of detox for me as it helps me release what’s on my mind and heart. To me, they are conversations with God that I would only share with Him and no one else. During this time there is no judgement or misunderstandings. You can share your raw emotions and then once you get it all out, invite God all the way to help you overcome because what you are facing is too big for you. Also, remember it is impossible to conquer what we are unwilling to confront and we can not confront what we are unwilling to identify. Therefore, be honest about where you are, how you feel and be careful not to sweep it under the rug. Avoidance almost always lead to disaster. Therefore, pay attention to what God is trying to show you and deal with any underlying issues or pain whether from something recent or from your childhood and do the necessary soul work needed to heal and move forward in purpose.  
  5. Develop a game plan on how to prevent burnout from reoccurring- Pay attention to your body as you move forward. Feelings of anxiety, fatigue, overwhelm and more are signs that your body and mind may need rest. LISTEN TO IT and don’t wait until you have completely lost it before you unplug. Your mental health is more important than showing up on social media pretending to be okay when you aren’t. Take a break if you must. Implementing a daily self-care routine is important. For me, studying the Word of God, listening to worship music, reading memoirs and books on business and talking with my friends keep me encouraged. I also enjoy soaking in my whirlpool, getting a massage and watching comedy specials on Netflix. Remember to implement fun into your daily routine. 

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