As we all prepare to hopefully transition out of what has been a year long pandemic filled with many lows and transitions, I invite you to look on the bright side at all of the lessons you have learned within these past 12-months. Many of us have been exposed to an inner strength we never knew we possessed.

Some have tapped into their inner BOSS and launched businesses that were beyond their wildest imagination.

Others learned that some friendships and/or relationships weren’t as secure and solid as they thought.

Guess what? Regardless of which side of the coin you have landed on, I am here to remind you that there are truly never losses; only lessons.

Here are a few of the many things this pandemic has taught me:

  1. Most of what I was making a big deal wasn’t a big deal at all.
  2. The importance of keeping a close knit circle of friends.
  3. The necessity of boundaries.
  4. Separate business relationships from personal relationships.
  5. Never take life for granted.
  6. When you love someone, don’t just tell them, show them!
  7. Trust what God said despite what you see.
  8. I am abundantly blessed!

I could go on and on but now I’d love to hear from you.

As a journal activity, create a list of 20 things you have learned this past year.

Start by sharing one of them in the comments!

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