What if I told you that all you’ve experienced up until this point was all apart of God’s master plan. The hurt, pain, betrayal, divorce, molestation and beyond were all designed to lead you to the feet of Jesus.

My question to you is… DID IT WORK?

Have you allowed all you have been through to work for you or against you? Have you developed your wounds into wisdom?

Take a moment and read Romans 8:28 slowly and carefully.

God has a divine plan for your life and it’s important that you know this. He desires for you to prosper and to provide you with a bright and promising future which will bring fulfillment to your life.

Often times we can feel as if life has dealt us a bad hand when truth is all that we experience is about God’s purpose, plan and vision for your life.

You are still breathing because God has a plan.- Ask the Lord, “What do you desire of me in this season? What is the burden of your heart? In what ways can I please you with my life?

Your current and previous experiences were designed to bring you closer into the Master’s plan. Leave nothing to coincidence but remember, the steps of a good man (or woman) are ordered by the Lord. (Psalm 37:33)

Trust God’s plan and vision for your life.- Ask him, what is my current assignment? Then trust Him to manifest it in your life and lead you down a path in which he will show you. Trust requires perfect love and within that there’s no place for fear.

No matter what you are facing, or where you have been, it’s all a part of the master’s plan. Don’t give up. Move forward in faith and not fear while trusting God’s Master Plan for your life!

Carla R. Cannon is a woman with a heart on fire for Jesus whose mission is to draw others into a personal relationship with Him who is the author and finisher of our faith. Connect with her on social media: @CarlaRCannon.

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