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Welcome to Trailblazers Coaching Academy where you’ll get un-stuck, re-fueled, re-positioned & equipped to live the life of your dreams with your eyes WIDE OPEN!

Over the last 5 years Carla R. Cannon (The Trailblazer) has been unlocking, unleashing & activating women into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace through Trailblazers Coaching Academy! For over 8 years she has ran & operated Cannon Coaching & Consulting where she serves as an Activation Coach & Marketplace Mentor to thousands!

As your Personal Coach & Mentor she is committed to your success and by partnering with Carla, she will  provide you with the necessary tools you need to get from where you are to where you desire to be! This includes granting you access to the solutions to various problems you may be facing currently in your business as well as your personal life . The only person who stands in between you and your dream is…YOU!  

Are you in need of a coach but not sure which route to take?

Are you tired of being on “Stuck” Blvd & are ready to get ACTIVATED?

Do you desire to take your business, brand and/or life to the next level?

Do you have tons of ideas but are unsure which ones to implement first?

If you answered YES, then Trailblazers Coaching Academy is just right for you!


Trailblazers Coaching Academy is a 12 month mentorship program designed to help you learn, grow and achieve your goals spiritually, personally and professionally.

Over the course of 1 year you will navigate through 12 Pillars of Success (with a focus on one per month) that if applied will catapult your life significantly. They are:

(JAN) Spiritual Awakening– Here we will cover material that is designed to teach you how to accurately discern the voice of God for your life which is essential to Kingdom Living. You will not only learn the power of prayer, but how to incorporate prayer in your life and business on a consistent basis by learning how to view your time with God as an opportunity rather than an obligation.

(FEB) Personal Development Part 1 – Here we will focus on developing mental toughness with a focus on your personal vision for the top 5 areas of your life such as (1) FAITH (2) FAMILY (3) FITNESS (4) FINANCES (5) FRIENDS . You will learn how to set strategic yet realistic goals and pace yourself in achieving them one by one. Here we will also focus on your self-image and identify changes you want (need) to make and assist you in transforming your health over the course of these 12 months.

(MAR) Personal Development Part 2– The focus here is on the importance of establishing vision, developing a strategic plan of action and how to experience longevity as you set out to lead a successful life not just professionally but also personally. We will also cover the importance of time management and how to accomplish every goal you set. 

(APR) Financial Independence – Here you will learn how to establish a budget/spending plan, create financial ledgers and spreadsheets for your personal finances as well as your business, as well as learn how to transition from living paycheck to paycheck. 

(MAY) Business Etiquette 101– Here you’ll learn about the importance of character and integrity, how to establish consistent brand messaging and a strategic Boss Elevator Pitch (how you introduce yourself to others professionally). 

(JUN) Branding & Marketing – Here you will learn what branding is and is not, what marketing is and is not, how to build a profitable website (and not one that is just pretty), how to develop a social and email marketing campaign that will increase engagement that leads to a lucrative brand and how to create an online brand by properly utilizing social media. 

(JUL) Faith & Finances– Here you will learn strategies on how to achieve financial independence by ridding yourself of habits that teach you how to overcome living paycheck to paycheck. In doing so, you’ll develop a sound financial philosophy and investment plan.

(AUG) Relationships 101– Your net worth is determined by your network. Here you’ll learn how to improve your ability to become more effective as a wife, mother, daughter, friend, sister, entrepreneur and beyond! This segment is all about enhancing your relational skills.

(SEPT) Speaking 101-  Here you’ll learn how to master the art of communication by evaluating your current level of performance and learning key ways to own the stage no matter who’s in the audience. The focus here is on becoming one with your message and how to deliver to make a lasting impact.

(OCT) The Art of Selling– Here you’ll learn how to properly pitch and sell your product to consumers ready to buy what you have. The focus here will be on improving your selling, networking and negotiation skills regardless of the industry you are in. You must know how to sell. You’ll learn how to do so more comfortably and confidently.

(NOV) Book Writing 1-on-1– Here you’ll learn the top 10 steps to writing like a BOSS! Everyone has a personal story to share and it can be delivered in a book, movie production, song and beyond. The focus here is on how to create your own manuscript and share your message with the masses.

(DEC) Vision Mapping– Here you’ll learn how to map out your goals for the upcoming year and how to plan your success by identifying obstacles that may occur and developing a game plan on how to overcome them.

The Purpose of TCA:

The purpose of TCA is to provide women who desire to level up, excel in purpose and scale their business (or ministry) with the proper tools that will ensure (if followed): (1) Personal Fulfillment (2) Success (3) Momentum (4) Profitability (5) Sustainability.

Who TCA is For?

TCA was strategically designed for leaders as well as aspiring, emerging and established entrepreneurs who are seeking clarity as it relates to their next step into greatness.

TCA is also for individuals who have transitioned from being curious to making a commitment to follow through until the end.

TCA is not for the faint hearted or those of immature character.

TCA is designed for women who are serious about leveling up, have specific goals of where they desire to be and are humble enough to listen, apply and execute!

TCA is also for individuals who are in need of a life strategist or mentor but may be on a budget.

TCA is not for quitters but for those who are willing to work hard for the duration of 12 months to experience transformation!

What TCA Includes:

  • TCA Workbook

  • Personalized Mug & tumbler
  • (2) 30 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions w/ me per month (bi-weekly basis)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group (Weekly discussions & trainings take place here)
  • Weekly Millionaire Mindset Trainings (Will take place every Monday at 6PMEST for the duration of 20 minutes to help you jump start your week)
  • Monthly Group Masterclass Trainings (Via zoom/video conference line) Class is every 4th Tuesday at 7pm for the duration of 1 hour which includes Q&A. Masterclasses are very interactive. 
  • Quarterly Meetups (Destination TBA)
  • 15% off all products & events that I host

  • First to know about book releases, events & more!

  • Graduation dinner for all students in December 2020

My Role as Your Business & Life Strategist:

As Your Marketplace Mentor, it is my mission to lead you to a place of (1) Identifying Your Unique Voice (2) Establishing Your Blueprint in the Earth (3) Learn to Master How to Recover from Setbacks and (4) Operate as the Kingdom BOSS Woman you were created to be while doing so authentically and un-apologetically with a spirit of excellence.

My commitment to you is absolute transformation IF you commit to the process, refuse to give up and implement the strategies I share with you on a weekly basis. Mentorship is never easy but it is always worth it! REMEMBER: You will get out of it what you put into it! YOU GOT THIS! Now let’s WORK!!!!!

Pay Option: $250/monthly OR $125 bi-weekly


Hear What Others Are Saying About Coach C!

“In two years of working with Carla I’ve launched my heat transfer vinyl application business! Carla’s knowledge and commitment is top notch. Her strategies are relevant and effective whether you are in business or ministry. Because of Carla I’ve learned the power of F.O.C.U.S. (Follow One Course Until Successful).”

Denisha Henry


Hiring Carla taught me how to create my brand, identify my target audience, sharpen my Boss Elevator Pitch, and I also gained the confidence needed to be successful! Working with Carla over the course of two years helped me find my voice in the marketplace as well as how to stand out and dominate in my lane and on my level!” 

Corinthia Williams


Working with Coach C helped me become a published author! Since hiring her two years ago I’ve truly been pushed out of my comfort zone and I’m now leveling up with the vision God gave me!”

Anita J. Merchant


I’ve been under the tutelage and leadership of Coach for  over two years and I must say all components of her programs and strategy sessions are top notch quality, from the curriculum as well as the homework assignments. Through hiring Coach C it’s helped foster growth in areas of my life I thought were unreachable. Working with her has been a life changing experience!

Dr. Tonya Cunningham


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