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Are You Seeking a Coach Who Cares?

Do you struggle with developing a purposeful and profitable life for yourself while doing what you love?

Is your current space filled with clutter in which you desire clarity to move forward strategically while building a lucrative brand?

Or perhaps you are currently living your dream life but feel stuck and desire to shift to the next level of success. 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions Trailblazer Coaching will be a great way to re-position you from living a life of struggle to experiencing true fulfillment!

Carla is a Marketplace Ministry Strategist whose mission is to help others excel both personally and professionally while maintaining their commitment to Christ as a Christian. While on the path to success many are forfeiting Kingdom Principles to experience secular success while robbing themselves of inner peace in the process. 

What sets Trailblazer Coaching apart is Carla is truly a coach who cares. She spends time getting to know her clients and nurturing the relationship which allows her to serve them completely and passionately as it relates to their goals and dreams. She is literally right there holding your hand, walking you through every step.

Carla has also experienced great success as a speaker, trainer, author and entrepreneur. Up to date she has written and published (11) books and has been crowned as a National Best Selling Authors.

She has hosted (2) successful tours over the years in which she traveled across the globe unlocking, unleashing and activating others into purpose.

Carla has coached thousands of women on how to write a book to launch their business by sharing her strategic 10 step process on how to Write Like a BOSS!

Carla not only serves and trains others on how to experience success both personally and professionally but also how to define and experience success on their own terms. 

In Working with Carla You Will Experience…

  • 1CLARITY– In relation to your dreams, goals & vision.
  • 2CONFIDENCE- In your calling while learning to walk in the fullness of who God has called you to be! 
  • 3STRATEGY– A step by step blueprint that are guaranteed to bring your ideas to execution!

The women that I really enjoy working with and serving:

  • Are motivated and success driven
  • Are serviced based aspiring or established entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants or developers.
  • Ministry leaders who desire to expand their message to the masses.
  • Refuse to make excuses as to why they can NOT live the life of their dreams NOW!

Who are:

  • Stuck in the planning stage & are ready to EXECUTE!
  • Struggling to identify their unique selling proposition to enable them to be seen, heard and known 
  • Unsure how to transform their hobby into a thriving and lucrative business.
  •  Stuck trying to figure out how to launch your own coaching practice and attract clients
  • Clueless as it relates to building a brand, developing a following and expanding your network.
  • Confused about how to package your services into premium products that provide solutions to your client’s problems
  • Tired of the being in the rat race on your 9 to 5 and are finally ready to be happy doing what you love
  • Seeking a qualified coach or strategist who has proven experience and results

Who Understands the Importance of:

  • Being Teachable
  • Maintaining Consistency
  • Taking action
  • Investing in their business development/advancement
  • Accountability
  • Being authentic with their brand and in alignment with their life’s purpose

Who Wants To:

  • Be seen, be heard and be known in an effort to being booked as a PAID speaker 
  • Obtain a strategy to further develop and expand their level of influence, impact and income
  • Develop a platform to empower, motivate and inspire their ideal clients to action
  • Learn how to transform their darkest hours into a thriving business/organization by confidently sharing their story from a place of power rather than pain and pity. 
  • Be Supported & Held Accountable.
  • Expand your brand to the masses by developing an area of specialty.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Coach?


Coaching is a simple yet effective form of personal development where the client and coach create an alliance that promotes and sustains the client’s personal growth and competence. This powerful relationship enables the client to give up who they are, for who they want to become.


  • A coach is one who will facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, life altering changes.
  • A coach uses questioning techniques to facilitate client’s own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions rather than takes a wholly directive approach.
  • A coach observes, listens and asks questions to understand a client’s situation with a purpose of understanding where they are and offering solutions on how to get them on their path to destiny.
  • The coach aids the client in finding out what is important and what helps to create a purposeful life that promotes their qualities or ideals; thereby enabling the client to live a fuller and richer life. Coaching helps the client identify what is important and how to use their skills to foster it.
  • Coaching also helps build skills and abilities for effective relationships –personal and professional. Coaching identifies when teamwork is important and helps the client to develop their skills.
  • Coaching also paves the way for more effective decision making in both the client’s personal and professional life in order to create higher levels of organizational effectiveness. Coaching works with the client to improve their communication skills through dialogue, inquiry, and positive interactions that create awareness, purpose, competence and well-being.
  • Coaching is beneficial in many ways; such as having someone to believe in you, help get you from where you are to where you desire to be, be a mentor to you, someone who is accessible and offers sound advice (never telling you what to do.) However, coaching provides you with choices as it relates to decisions we make in our lives daily.


Accountability – Momentum – Breakthrough – Support -Planning -Structure – Self-Coaching – Focus -Acceleration – Expertise -Solutions -Feedback -Perspective -Brainstorming -Affirmation – Instruction & more!


Hear What Others Have to Say About Coaching w/ the Trailblazer

Coaching with Carla has given me so much clarity of who I am as well as my purpose. After coaching with Carla, my level of confidence went from 0 to 10! She shared so many tools and strategies as it relates to defining the pearl within me. She taught me how to get out of my own way in order to receive full manifestation of what God has promised for my life. I’m very encouraged and coaching with her, you will be too!

Mariel Torres 

I began coaching with Carla during a time I was in search of my true identity. She reminded me of the importance of loving myself and being confident in who I was created to be. She also taught me how to transform my pain into power through writing my book. I recommend you to begin coaching with Carla! It will change your life!

LaQuita Pearce 

Carla offers laser focused coaching! This approach helped me tremendously as I launched my business. During our sessions Carla provided practical steps that I implemented immediately to attract clients and provide value rich content to my programs. I was able to discuss concepts from my business courses and strategize with Carla on how those “broad” concepts fit into my specific goals. Carla has been one of the best investments I made in myself and in my business.

Agata Domond

Prior to Coaching with Carla, I was paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and procrastination. This state of mind kept me stagnant from graduating to the next level in my call of duty- which is inspiring women from all walks of life. Carla’s God-given wisdom nuggets, re-branding solutions, and education on business development was like Windex to a foggy vision. This Woman of God is truly fulfilling her purpose in helping other women entrepreneurs take it to the next level. I benefited tremendously from her coaching and would recommend any woman who’s serious about becoming her very own COO to do the same. Carla was both professional yet relatable- now that is a rare attribute!

Lativia Tipton 

Are you ready to transition from CLUTTER to CLARITY? Carla’s Coaching Hours are Tues-Thurs 9AM-1PMEST!

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