Every woman longs to be loved inspite of & not because of what they carry between their legs
Every woman longs for a man to be intimate with them & not only just in bed
To be held, caressed, kissed & protected is the primary key
See, don’t act like this doesn’t apply to you for I know it’s not only me.
As a single woman I myself have longed to be loved genuinely
To be shown love on a daily basis, you know, continually
And today I have good news ladies that I have met a man that we all can share
He not only articulates his love but he has phenomenal ways to show that he cares.

He is the perfect gentleman for he never goes anywhere he is not welcomed
His love is like no other & I promise you no one can compare to Him.
Instead of pulling me away from God he is the very one that draws me to Him
His love is like no other, don’t know what I would do without him.
He has loved me when I didn’t love myself
He taught me if I don’t love ‘me’ & him…then how in the world will I ever love someone else.

I have learned to put my trust in Him & do what He says
He has never let me down, broke a promise or tried to take me to bed
For He understands the purpose of God’s word & I tell you He is saved for real
He knows how to rock me all day & all night..ya’ll He is the real deal.
See his name is Jesus & for you He made the ultimate sacrifice
What man do you know that would lay down his life for someone that refused to be his wife
And offer a second chance for you to get it right and never judge you in the process
I tell you all of my love & joy is wrapped up in Him, HE is my success.

To be loved by Him is the best thing I could ever gain
He is always there through the sunshine and rain
So ladies don’t get jealous because this is one man we all can share
See he shows no partiality and for us he will always be there
We don’t have to worry about him not loving us for whatever reason
So ladies it is your time, it is your season
Now grab ahold of JESUS!

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