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Join HIScoach™, Carla Cannon for Breaking the Cycle of FEAR Part II & How to Overcome Generational Habits teleseminar featuring special guest, Lakeisha Dixon!

During Breaking the Cycle of FEAR Part I, Carla discussed:

■ How to Combat Fear with FAITH

■ How to Use Declarations to Create the Life You Want

■ How to Live Fearlessly

■ The Importance of Changing the Language You Speak

■ How to Reset Your Focus & Always B-E-L-I-E-V-E!!!!

Now for Part II, it is time to IDENTIFY what is causing you to be fearful in order to BREAK THE CYCLE of fear off of your life! Before you can excel from where you are, you must first identify where you are, where you desire to be and establish changes you need to make in order to get there!


During Breaking the Cycle of FEAR Part II, Carla will be sharing:

What is FAITH?

■ What’s Really Holding You Back?

■ How to Get Out of Your OWN Way

■ Daily Declarations to Speak Over Your Life Daily

■ How to Tap Into Your Supernatural Power


The second element of this teleseminar will consist of a one on one interview with Author, Lakeisha Dixon of the book, “A Victorious State of Mind”. Lakeisha will  share her story of BREAKING GENERATIONAL HABITS OFF OF HER LIFE! Her story is absolutely amazing & to learn more about her please visit:!


Register below for the Breaking the Cycle of FEAR Part II teleseminar which will be Monday, July 1, 2013 at 8pmEST!!!


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