Inside her Best Selling book, The Power in Waiting, Carla Cannon shares her testimony of once being bound in homosexuality and how she learned how to embrace her process and develop patience while going through one of the lowest points in her life: battling with who she was (mistakes she had made), where she had been (the life she lived) and who God had created her to be (learning God’s plan for her life).

Carla shares with her readers key principles on how to:

  1. Understand Prophecy
  2. Embrace Your Process
  3. Discover Your Purpose
  4. Learn How to Enjoy Being Single &
  5. Prepare for Your Date with Destiny

Many tend to think The Power in Waiting is about waiting to find a mate however, Carla clearly defines it is not about that at all. But it is about equipping others on what to do when what God said doesn’t line up with what they see. Meaning, what do you do when you know what the promise is that God has shown you however what you see in front of you is the complete opposite of what you are believing and trusting Him for. Will you do like many others have chosen to do, renounce Christ and try to make things happen on your own? Or will you choose to have faith and believe Him to do just what He said although it has not yet manifested in the natural? Carla shares how life is all about choices and how we live and die (both naturally and spiritually) by the choices we make. Choosing to take God at His word is vital along this Christian journey and Carla shares how to do just that by sharing her story very candidly in order to help reach nations of people who are beginning to grow weary.

Here is what others are saying about her book:

-Words can’t begin to express how this book has blessed me. I was able to download my kindle edition before midnight. By midnight, I was almost finished with the book. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. The transparency of Minister Carla was a blessing to me as I read page after page. It is the transparency that saved my life. One day I will be able to share my thought process before I purchased the book and how it changed my life within a few hours. I’m confident it will save many lives. There are many of us who fall into a depression because of issues and then we feel no one will understand if we talk about our issues. Minister Carla has written this book because she has lived through her ups and downs. Thank you Minister Carla for opening up doors and closets that many would keep closed because of fear of tarnishing their name. Thank you for putting it all out there to help someone else!!! Lives will be changed! Lakita Corey

I purchased this book on my Kindle app on my IPad and phone and I have finished it already. In this book you will understand how to properly wait for God to manifest some things in your life. While reading I felt connected to Carla Cannon because we have all experienced those moments where we think God has forgotten us…but WAIT! A must read! – Karen Moore

I loved her testimony any woman who is discouraged about being single should purchase this book it will get better– Joy Foster

I applaud Carla for her boldness in sharing some of her testimonies, part of our Christian walk is go and tell someone the good news in what the Lord has done for you, because someone else might need to hear it. 2 Cor. 3:2 says, “you yourselves are letters of recommendation, written on your hearts, to be known and read by all”-ESV. our testimonies are written letters that show what Christ has done for us, Paul goes on to say in verse 3 ,”written not by ink but by the holy spirit, and not on tablets of stone, but on tablets of the human hearts”. This book has helped me to recognize what I need to be doing while I am in a season of singleness. It has helped me to desire to seek God more, and to fully trust in him. I enjoyed this book and would probably read it again in the future. – S.E.

What an awesome book! A must read! The book is a great tool for single women. It points out a lot of issues that single women struggle with on a daily basis, adding certain scriptures for Biblical reference. Thank You Carla Cannon your book is a powerful inspirational blessing!!!! Christina Cherry

This book is awesome! There is truly power in waiting. This book will challenge you to wait on God. While waiting for God’s promises to manifest the book tells us to seek God in discovering your purpose your purpose need to match what you are
waiting for. This book is a must read if you are ready and are waiting to receive from God, this book will help you while you
are waiting.
– Cassandra Rock

I thought I needed a few days to read this book but I didn’t. I first want to say how it is such a blessing to know another young woman who knows how to be naked and unashamed of where she came from but not apologizing for where she is going. Thank you for always encouraging the world. Your book was refreshing because it’s truly who you are in person. For anyone having trouble seeing beyond their current status but knows there is more to life, this book has the answers. Thanks for the push sis & God bless you!!-  Dr. Lorneka Joseph

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