The Power in Waiting


Have you ever found yourself in a place where you knew what God’s word declared but you tend to see the opposite being manifested in your life?

Maybe you are believing God for a new job, a greater life for your children or even a spouse. No matter what you stand in need of, before it can be fully manifested in your life, there is one thing you can never escape and that is…THE PROCESS.

Inside my book, The Power In Waiting, I share with you key principles on how to:

– Understand Prophecy
– Embrace Your Process
– Discover Your Purpose
– Learn How To Enjoy Being Single
– Get Ready For Your Date With Destiny
– And More!

Inside I also share the art of patience and why it is vital for you to activate it in your life to prevent you from growing weary in well-doing. This book is sure to bring about an understanding as it relates to your overall life and how to maintain your joy while waiting on God to fulfill it. However, you must learn there is POWER IN WAITING!

***This is the first book ever written by Carla R. Cannon***



About the Author
Carla R. Cannon (also known as The Trailblazer) is a National Best-selling author, Kingdom Entrepreneur and woman on a mission to unlock, unleash and activate others into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace! Her heart’s posture has always been toward the wounded and brokenhearted. She knows what it is like to suffer from childhood traumas, be bound by fear and plagued with rejection and abandonment. Her assignment is to provide others with hope, faith, and practical ways to overcome, when all religious people tell them to do is “pray.” She believes strongly in combining the supernatural with natural practices such as therapy/counseling and doing your soul work to experience divine healing on a long term basis.
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