Beloved: Experiencing God as Abba in a Fatherless Generation


Are you currently experiencing a hole in your heart from broken fellowship with your natural father?

Do you find yourself looking for other things to fill the emptiness you feel inside?

Within the pages of this book, Life Strategist & Activation Coach, Carla R. Cannon is tackling the issues head on such as healing from rejection and abandonment due to the absence of your father, the necessity of uncovering family secrets, healing spiritual parent wounds and more!

Through her REAL, RAW & RELEVANT approach Carla shines light on her previous and current struggles in an effort to help others overcome and know that despite where they have been or where they are right now, God has a divine plan for their life and He is going to Romans 8:28 EVERYTHING!

“People have heard enough fluff,” Carla says, “It’s time for us to be REAL in order to help others HEAL. People need to know they are NOT alone in their fight and that they CAN come out victorious despite the lies the enemy whispers to them!”

Within the pages of this book, discover how you can:

– EMBRACE your truth- HEAL from childhood wounds

– EXTEND forgiveness to those who hurt you

– DENOUNCE the spirit of an orphan


You are God’s beloved and your entire life is a love story written about you coming to know Him. God is whatever we need Him to be, whenever we need him to be it.

If you are looking for another religious or super spiritual book, BELOVED is not it. Yes, the author shares scripture but this read is filled with personal stories of triumph mixed with struggle combined with resources at the end to help you FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT OF FAITH by understanding no matter what anyone says about you, God loves & accepts you.

He calls you daughter. He calls you son. YOU ARE HIS BELOVED!



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