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(Inspired by David Tyree)

I believe that in this hour the Lord is truly trying to prepare us for something great IF we as people could only tap into what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to us. For many of us say we know the Lord. We profess Jesus with our lips, we sing in HIS choirs, we minister in HIS pulpits; etc but are we truly maximizing our authority in being able to overcome the many attacks of Satan? Are we experiencing victory in our own lives?

See many can preach but few can live the life! It’s no longer about gifts, it’s no longer about this or that…it’s no longer even about you! For it is & has always been about JESUS!

I hear God saying it is time to shift your focus! No longer focus on your problems or circumstances or what you don’t have, or what they did to you, or what you deserved that you didn’t get. No! No! No!

No longer shall you place your attention on all that may be happening around you but my sister, my brother place your attention toward Heaven & focus on Jesus & what He is doing in your life! It is vital that we discern the season of our life that we are in.

You see, I’ve learned so much in just these past few weeks after having a major attack upon my life. Satan tried to force me to give up everything & conform to my old way of living & thinking. But say this with me: THE DEVIL IS A LIAR! See, what I learned is that when God’s hands are on your life there is nothing no devil in Hell can do to stop it!

My perception of what I recently went through that should have taken me out…BUT GOD… is that God only allowed Satan to hit me in certain areas only for God to show me those areas that had become malnourished due to my lack of praying, fasting & seeking God’s face. See I had gotten so busy with my job & being a mother, & allowing this one to pull on me & that one to pull on me. I had gotten so busy trying to save YOU that I myself was almost left for dead! The Lord allowed the spirit of homosexuality to attack once again only to show me that I am NEVER to come to a place in which I allow Satan to fool me into thinking ‘once delivered always delivered’. No, no, baby deliverance is a CONTINUAL PROCESS!!

I am learning that with the ministry the Lord has placed within my belly I have to live a life committed to fasting & praying. I can’t afford to be caught off guard any longer for the next time it just may catch me my life! So I’m sorry if I can’t hang out with you, or get together with you & gossip about Bookie & them but God has called me into a greater level of relationship with Him. If truth be told he is calling all of us but sadly not many will answer His call.

What the Lord began to reveal to me were areas of weakness, areas in which MUCH fasting, & MUCH prayer needed to be applied. See, (thank you holy ghost) we must watch how we entertain spirits. For, I myself had began to entertain the spirit of loneliness for far too long & since I was too lonely to read God’s word & too lonely to fast, Satan saw an opportunity & he gave me a mighty blow: BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM!!!!!

He (Satan)brought men, (because he knows my desire is to be married), he brought women (because he knows what my past consisted of), he brought ALL he could bring to get me to fall. But tap ya neighbor & tell ya neighbor: BUT GOD!

See, I can only talk about me. My Pastor said something very important last night in ministry training. He said, (emphasis added) If all you can share is what you heard then the anointing & effectiveness of the message is tainted because basically it lacks originality. My God! My God!

People may say you telling your business, or you opening the door for more attacks! Honey I have gone through hell & back & if Satan gonna keep messing with my stuff then I’m gonna mess with his stuff! Because the truth is my entire life flashed before me. I know Satan will NEVER leave me alone because I am a threat to him! I know he is going to give me his best shots! But guess what? I am no longer afraid. Fear no longer holds me captive. I am safe in Jesus’ arms, & if I abide in Him, He will abide in me & NOTHING can touch me! Weapons may be formed but they won’t prosper! The same applies for your life!

I tell people all the time that being saved FOR REAL is no joke. See many have a FORM of godliness but deny the power thereof. I had a woman tell me it’s ok, we can be together & I will STILL support your ministry.

I feel God in this place. As I type this sitting in my bedroom I can literally feel the anointing of God upon me because these are secrets that people tend to keep hidden. But baby I learned a LONG TIME AGO that whatever is hidden tends to have power over you & I refuse to be held captive by Satan especially when my father died & rose again on the third day just for me to be free!

See one thing about me, my worship is FOR REAL!  People would always say why she gotta holla like that, & why she praise God like that? Well, honey I have to praise & worship the Lord like I done lost my mind because I know that it is only because of God’s grace that I’m not crazy & that I know who I am IN HIM! I can’t do things or say things to please people! I must do what God says do & I must go where God tells me to go!

I feel God in this place!!! (back to the story)

I had a married man of God approach me (and yes I did say man of God) & in his eyes I could be his ‘boo’ on the side all while we both still say we love the Lord with our lips (I say with our lips because the Bible tells us that those that love Him, OBEY HIM) & still do ministry! My God My God! Some folk ain’t gone like me today! I tell folk all the time: Be careful how you treat me ’cause I just might write about it!

See, today I don’t hold anything against the young lady or the Man of God that Satan used to TRY & destroy my life & abort the mission the Lord has for me. For if truth be told, Satan can use any of us IF given an opportunity. That’s why the Lord had to reveal to me where I REALLY was & how malnourished my spirit man really was & he had to show me just what would happen if I didn’t dedicate my life to MUCH fasting & MUCH prayer.

My God! My God! See people all I can give to you is life because I live it everyday! God has allowed me to forgive & not cast stones at others for of course my first immediate reaction was but these are Christians that are coming at me not the folk in the world!! But God reminded me of what my previous Co-Pastor would ALWAYS tell us: PEOPLE ARE JUST PEOPLE.

I’ve said all of that to say this: All the hell that you have had to endure & continue to face is only to help PREPARE YOU FOR GREATNESS! See you thought I had forgot my title but I have an ear to hear what God is telling me to share. See, great folk don’t just rise up over night. Esther wasn’t made queen over night. No, no, she had to endure 12 long months of PROCESS! See there’s a word that many of us don’t like to hear!

So, what you are going through isn’t designed to kill you but only to make you stronger! See often times the Lord will allow things to happen to us to show us that we still have some JUNK IN OUR TRUNK! See it’s not always about your neighbor!

But nowadays no one wants to endure the proces. Everybody wanna be somebody! We want WHAM! BAM! & THANK YOU MA’AM! But no no no! God has to establish character & integrity into the people of God BEFORE He elevates you so when He does, you won’t get all big headed & think you got there by yourself!!!!!! For remember it is not about you but all about God! He is bringing us to a greater level in Him so we can reach the masses all for HIS glory! That’s why he has to rid us of pride & ego & our flesh must die completely!

As I come to a close… what is it that you believe the Lord is trying to birth out of you? I know mine is to walk into the fullness of ministry & trust God with my life COMPLETELY. It no longer matters what you have done, or didn’t do. But what matters is this moment & this moment only.

Give Jesus your life! You may say well I’m already saved. Ok, but have you totally surrendered ALL unto Him? Have you told him yes to a life of consecration? Yes to a life of doing what HE wants vs what you want?

Today is your day! My sister, my brother I embrace your hand as we travel together & PREPARE FOR GREATNESS in JESUS!

God bless you!



Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, The Trailblazer is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach who helps women heal what’s still hurting, discover their authentic voice & awaken the “trailblazer” within! Her passion derives from her personal experiences which she now uses to help UNLOCK, UNLEASH & ACTIVATE greatness, healing & transformation within others!



Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, The Trailblazer is a Spiritual Life & Business Coach who helps women heal what’s still hurting, discover their authentic voice & awaken the “trailblazer” within! Her passion derives from her personal experiences which she now uses to help UNLOCK, UNLEASH & ACTIVATE greatness, healing & transformation within others!

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