Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, Holistic Transformation Coach

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I teach women how to transition into full-time entrepreneurship by discovering their inner genius, charging their worth and saying “NO!” to imposter syndrome! I also help female entrepreneurs pivot in their purpose without burning out in the process! 

Are You Ready to Get Unlocked, Unleashed & Activated?

I am here to serve and show you how to PIVOT in your PURPOSE!

Meet The Trailblazer

Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence is a certified Life & Business Strategist and Holistic Transformation Coach, Transformational Speaker, and National Best-Selling Author of over a dozen books. Her life experiences and love for seeing women win is her biggest motivation.

At the age of 29, Carla fired her boss by resigning from the medical field to pursue a career in professional coaching full-time. Was it scary? Absolutely! But after witnessing her mom successfully run her own business for decades, Carla knew that entrepreneurship ran deep in her veins and she felt most alive when coaching, speaking, creating and writing books. 

Over the last decade Carla has served as a guide, leading thousands of women to holistic transformation while teaching them how to snatch back their power by healing what still hurts and helping others along the way. 

Through her best-selling books, life changing events, one-of-a-kind coaching programs and trainings, Carla uses her life as a tool to express her heart to women through an authentic and transparent approach that reaches them where they are while challenging them to come up higher!

Carla’s heart is to not only help women make build a 6-7 figure business, but to teach them how to reconnect with themselves, own their story and give themselves permission to continue writing the script!

“Where you are is not where you’ll always be if you make a conscious decision to develop a fearless attitude while maintaining a heart of service. – THE TRAILBLAZER

Tips to Help You Excel in Life & Business

Fostering Healthy Relationships

Are you struggling to foster healthy relationships? You are not alone! In today’s blog you’ll learn the key to establishing healthy and lasting friendships!

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The Importance of Choosing You

There are times in life when we must make the decision to put ourselves first. As women we tend to put everyone else’s needs, desires …

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3 Ways to Practice Self-Love Today

Throughout this journey called life, you are the one person you will never be able to get away from. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn to fall in love with who you are and be kind to the little girl or boy that resides within you.

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Are You Ready to Discover Your Authentic Self?

Within the pages of this book, Carla candidly shares her life experiences of how she learned to accept herself fully and operate in her brilliance authentically and unapologetically as a woman of faith who identifies as apart of the LGBTQ-IA Community. 

She knows what it’s like to love God but also struggle with accepting your sexual identity and the guilt and shame that surrounds it. Today she has revealed her truth and now helps others do the same by divorcing religion and developing a healthy relationship with God.

Along with learning more about Carla’s story, you will also find practical resources to help you on your personal journey of inner awakening, consciousness and transformation that include: 

– How to Write a Letter to Your Inner Child
– How to Reparent Your Inner Child
– Inner Child Healing Journal Activity
– How to Break Free From Trauma Bonding
– How to Break Free From Codependency
–  Self-Reflection Activity
– 30 Positive Affirmations to Heal Childhood Trauma & MORE!


Journey to Finding Me is an Excellent Read For Anyone Who Is:

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Carla’s genuine passion to see women win is unmatched! With her real, raw & relevant approach, women are left hanging on to her every word! Not only will they leave empowered, but with a blueprint they can apply within their life and/or business right away!

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