Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, Holistic Transformation Coach

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Hey, I'm Carla, also known as The Trailblazer!

I am a Holistic Transformation Coach & I teach women how to UNLOCK their perspective, UNLEASH their power, and ACTIVATE their purpose! Over the last decade I have helped women from across the globe gain clarity concerning their purpose, overcome imposter syndrome, & awaken their inner BOSS!

Women who work with me learn how to shift their mindset, get clear on what they want, increase their willpower to show up for themselves daily, while learning how to align their actions with their personal and professional goals! 

As a Licensed & Ordained Minister, Certified Life & Business Coach & Bestselling author, I am passionate about leading women to self-discovery & breakthrough while reintroducing them to their authentic selves.

“True success is not determined by material possessions, but the ability to pursue what you truly desire in life while aligning with God’s plan for your predestined purpose and future!”

Women Who Work With Me Learn How to Snatch Back Their Power, Discover Their Voice & Confidently Walk in Their Calling!



Working with Carla transformed my life! I learned what it truly means to be a BOSS, how to lead in excellence, discern God’s voice and move forward while being confident in my purpose!”
– Erica Charles (Author – Illinois) 

Working with Carla pushed me out of my comfort zone and I am loving it! She helped me to organize my business infrastructure, create a client attraction plan and more! Since working with her I have published my first book, became a Certified Financial Coach (through her program), and launched my own virtual business school! Within just a few weeks, I was able to make back the investment from my first coaching client by following the blueprint she provided!” 
Sharika Abercrombie (Financial Coach- South Carolina) 

Carla offers laser focused coaching which helped me tremendously as I launched my business. During our sessions Carla provided practical steps that I was able to implement right away to attract new clients and improve my content to better serve them through my coaching programs. I was able to discuss concepts from my business courses and strategize with Carla to help increase my bottom line! Investing in business coaching with Carla has been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself and my business!”
– Agata Domond (Leadership Coach- Georgia)

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An Invitation to Inner Healing...

In my latest body of work, Journey to Finding Me, I candidly share my life experiences of how I learned to accept myself fully and operate in in my brilliance authentically and unapologetically as a woman of faith who also identifies as LGBT. 

Inside you will also find practical resources to help you on your personal journey of inner awakening, and transformation that include:

– How to Write a Letter to Your Inner Child
– How to Reparent Your Inner Child
– Inner Child Healing Journal Activity
– How to Break Free From Trauma Bonding
– How to Break Free From Codependency
– 30 Positive Affirmations to Heal Childhood Trauma & MORE!

Journey to Finding Me is an Excellent Read For Anyone Who Is:

Trailblazers United is an intimate space for professional women to learn, grow and excel together! Whether you’re an aspiring or emerging entrepreneur, or haven’t thought of launching a business, this community is guaranteed to help cultivate your gifts and sharpen your skill set while strengthening your core in the process!

          All classes are LIVE and INTERACTIVE! Replays are Available!

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Carla's personal story of overcoming homelessness, childhood trauma and low self-esteem empowers audiences worldwide!

Carla’s genuine passion to see women win in life AND business is unmatched! With her real, raw & relevant approach, women are left hanging on to her every word! Not only do they leave empowered through inspirational stories, but also with a practical blueprint they can apply within their life and business right away!

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