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How to Get Through What You Are Going Through


How to Get Through What You Are Going Through

Yesterday we celebrated Pentecost Sunday and I honestly feel this day couldn’t have rolled around at a better time. Pentecost Sunday is a commemoration and celebration of the receiving of Holy Spirit by the early church. John the Baptist prophesied of the first Pentecost when Jesus would baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire (Matthew 3:11).

Jesus confirmed this prophecy with the promise of the Holy Spirit to the disciples (John 14:26). He showed himself to these men after His death on the cross and His resurrection, giving convincing proofs that He was alive. Jesus told his disciples to wait in Jerusalem for the Father’s gift of the Holy Spirit, from whom they would receive power to be His witnesses to the ends of the earth (Acts 1:3-8).

After Jesus’ ascension to heaven, the men returned to Jerusalem and joined together in prayer in an upper room. On the day of Pentecost, just as promised, the sound of a violent wind filled the house and tongues of fire came to rest on each of them and all were filled with the Holy Spirit.

They were given the power of communication, which Peter used to begin the ministry for which Jesus had prepared him. After the coming of the Holy Spirit, the disciples did not stay in the room basking in God’s glory but burst out to tell the world. This was the beginning of the church as we know it.

Why did I take the time to share this history? Because the celebration of Pentecost Sunday reminds us of the reality that we all have the unifying Spirit that was poured out upon the first-century church (Acts 2:1-4) and it serves as a reminder that we are co-heirs with Christ, to suffer with Him that we may also be glorified with Him.

Today which marks the first day of a new month, I want to remind you that we were all baptized by one Spirit into one body (I Corinthians 12:13); and that the Spirit which raised Jesus from the dead lives inside believers (Romans 8:9-11). This gift of the Holy Spirit that was promised and given to all believers on he first Pentecost is promised for you and your children and your children’s children.

In the midst of a chaotic world, we can experience peace as we enter into the rest of God. Put your mind at ease today by taking a moment to look up each scripture mentioned above and be reminded that YOU HAVE HELP. You are not alone. God has not forgotten about you. He is concerned about what you are concerned about. Therefore, don’t shut Him, but include Him in your struggle, transition, transformation, trials; what you do understand as well as what you don’t. You are not alone for the Lord is with you.

In the midst of tough times I find strength in the Word of God, spending time in His presence, meditating on His word, singing songs of praise unto Him.This morning I cried out to the Lord because I was so angry and feeling overwhelmed due to all that is going on in the world today. I allowed my heart to break for all of the people who were hurting and I asked God, “Reveal your heart and will to us Lord. Comfort us. Remind us that you are with us.”

After emptying all of my fears, concerns and anxiety unto the Lord, I felt a peace come over me as if God was wrapping me in His arms saying, “I am with you my child.” As I slowly began to wipe my tears away, I smiled and whispered, “I love you Daddy. It hurts so bad. But I know you are here and I choose to trust you and I receive your word as truth and comfort.”

I want to remind you of today; the comforter resides on the inside of you. Rely on Holy Spirit to bring peace where there is chaos, understanding where there is confusion, faith where there is fear, calmness where there is anxiety.

Be encouraged today and remember, you are not alone; for the HELPER lives in YOU!

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Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon, The Trailblazer is a High Performance Coach & Trainer who educates women on how to package their brilliance to bankroll their business while getting their message to the masses!

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon also known as The Trailblazer is indeed one of God’s Moguls in the making. With her eloquent yet transparent approach, bubbly personality and contagious spirit, she is committed to empowering global women from the pulpit to the marketplace on how to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their divine calling with a spirit of excellence.

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