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How to Avoid the Holiday Blues

I know the holidays can be tough but I encourage you not to allow yourself to lay in the bed sad and depressed due to the lost of a loved one, the ending of a relationship, broken covenant with family; etc. 

Redirect that energy into your life purpose! Whatsoever you desire to accomplish or experience in this lifetime will only happen if you commit to using what you have and press through in order to become who God has destined you to be! 

I once allowed the enemy to rob me of so many holidays due to the brokenness I felt inside. For so many years I would sleep during Thanksgiving, Christmas and at times even New Year’s Eve. My backstory was filled with so much pain, but guess what? I chose to change the narrative, get up and snatch my life back which included penning my pain and that led me to my path of purpose! 

Here are 7 ways to avoid the holiday blues: 
1. Spend time with God in prayer, worship & the Word– It’s impossible to be in His presence and remain depressed. This time can include reading the Holy Bible, journaling, reading inspirational books filled with the Word of God, listening to Gospel playlists on Pandora, Apple Music or You Tube. Check out my favorite worship song: “Give Me You” by Shana Wilson.  

2. Get up shower, dress up, do your makeup and go somewhere, anywhere to be around people.- Being alone is not always the answer. Enjoy being around life and breathe in the coolness of the day being reminded of how much God loves you!

3. Work on your vision- the holidays are a great time to work on your own vision rather than having to focus on your 9 to 5. Take this time to write the book already, sew the dress, research the real estate market; or whatever it is you desire to do!

4. Call a girlfriend and catch up- Laughing is great medicine for the soul. Picking up the phone and hearing a human voice is better than texting anyday!

5. Catch a movie– Preferably a comedy. Again laughing is a great way to release negative energy and get your mind off of what always has been as you create a new ritual for your life as you adapt to what may be a new normal for you. Trust me, you’ll get through it day by day. Invite others (someone you trust) into the space with you. The enemy always beat up on us worse when we are in isolation. 

6. Curl up on your couch with a cup of hot chocolate and dive into your favorite novel- When I’ve had a tough week, I’ll do the same and escape my life by entering into the world of some of my favorite novelists: Sister Souljah, Victoria Christopher Murray, Omar Tyree; etc. Now listen these aren’t “Christian” novels but they help add a great balance to my life and I highly recommend you getting a good book and go on a journey with the characters. Trust me, will be a relaxing experience. Oh yeah and put your phone on DND. 

7. Soak in your tub– Light an aromatherapy candle, add some oil and bubble bath and let Calgon take you away! LOL Seriously, my favorite is Dr. Teal’s. Have Alexa play “Spa Relaxation Music” (or find it on Apple Music or You Tube) and RELAX. Try not to think about anything other than how good the water feels. You deserve this moment. If you have kids, put a “DO NOT DISTURB” on your door, lock yourself in, and breathe it all in. This is also a great way to decrease stress and eliminate body aches. 

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Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon, The Trailblazer is a High Performance Coach & Trainer who educates women on how to package their brilliance to bankroll their business while getting their message to the masses!

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon also known as The Trailblazer is indeed one of God’s Moguls in the making. With her eloquent yet transparent approach, bubbly personality and contagious spirit, she is committed to empowering global women from the pulpit to the marketplace on how to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their divine calling with a spirit of excellence.

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