One misconception when it comes to your dream is that someone else has to believe in it first in order for you to go forth.

That is the furthest from the truth and here’s why…

God gave the dream/vision to YOU not THEM!

Now is the time to stop looking for validation and approval from others before we go forth!

How dare you give up on your dream just because someone doesn’t see what you see!

How dare you not go forth because of those who don’t support you!

Here are 3 ways to activate your dream NOW:

  1. Write it down– Get clear on what God said and map out WHAT you desire to accomplish and HOW you intend to get it done. You aren’t serious until you write it down.
  2. Hold yourself accountable- You’ve been so committed to helping others win that you have placed yourself on the back burner. But not anymore! Write the vision/dream down on paper and hold yourself accountable by making a promise to yourself that “I shall see this to completion!”
  3. Believe it!- If you don’t believe in yourself then why should someone else? Trust God, never doubt Him or the ability He has placed within you to do great things!

Today I encourage you to GO FOR IT! Get your dream notebook out and write down what you see, and develop a plan to manifest it NOW!

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Carla R. Cannon
Activator & Mentor

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