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Do You Have Dreams of Owning Your Own Business?

Do you have dreams of having more time to spend with your family and plan vacations without having to receive approval from your boss? Do you currently sense there is much more to life than what you are experiencing right now? Do you lack inner fulfillment on your current 9 to 5?

Or do you love your job but are in desperate need of change and ready to break out of the box and create a new normal for you as well as your family?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions my exclusive Fire Your Boss Mastermind Program is just right for you!

Within this program, you will learn Carla’s 6-step process on how YOU can transition into full time entrepreneurship. The amazing thing is this is the exact process she followed when exiting her job in 2014.

If you are serious about developing a healthier money mindset and do the necessary work to transform your life, this program was designed with YOU in mind!

Fire Your Boss Mastermind Program (a LIVE 4-week virtual training) was created to prepare you psychologically, financially, and spiritually for one of the biggest moves of your life!

Your Facilitator, Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence quit her job in the medical field in 2014 (after spending 4 years building her business while working a 9 to 5), and over a decade later is still working Plan A from her original plan. 

Today she teaches others worldwide, how to maximize their potential by profiting from their passion!  

Within this program, you will be learning from someone who has built and been able to maintain a 6-figure business over the last decade! 

Whether your goal is to fire your boss this year or within the next 24 months, the key is understanding that it is possible. However, it all depends on your level of commitment to the process. 

This program is built upon Kingdom Principles that emphasize Holy Spirit being our CEO and ultimate business partner. 

As a believer, it is important to include Kingdom Principles as it relates to achieving success in the marketplace. 

During this LIVE 4-week virtual training,  you will learn a 2-step process called…


This portion is a main component of the program which will require your commitment by being held accountable and doing the necessary work to position yourself to dream with your eyes WIDE OPEN!  


  • Your Role as COO
  • Mind Transformation
  • 2-Step Process to Exiting Your Job

Your Financial Investment includes…

  • (4) 2-Hour Group Coaching Sessions 
  • Lifetime Access to Live Replays 
  • Lifetime Access to Private Facebook Group 
  • Trailblazers University Signature box (mailed to you)
  • (55) Page Fire Your Boss Workbook (mailed to you) 
  • The Entrepreneur Blueprint book (e-book)
  • Discount on next mastermind program

Class begins on Saturday, February 19, 2022

Class is held on Feb 19, 26, Mar 5 & Mar 12, 2022 for a duration of 2 Hours.

To get the most out of this course, we recommend that you be present every week however, you will have access to the Live trainings for a Lifetime!

Do You Believe That You Can Have EVERYTHING You Desire in Life?

I'm Here to Tell You That You CAN & It's ALL Available to YOU! Firing Your Boss has many advantages which will be covered within this program as well as a session entitled, "Straight Talk for Entrepreneurs" where Carla will share REAL, RAW & RELEVANT FACTS about what it takes to experience longevity as a business owner!

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transformed their lives and positioned them to dream with their eyes wide open!

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