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Carla R. Cannon

Do you currently find yourself in a place where you are unsure of which way to turn? Do you seek answers and have problems that you can’t seem to find the solution for? Perhaps you are currently in a place spiritually where you need to be strengthened and encouraged. Or maybe you are in pursuit of how to transform your pain into power but are unsure how!

Coaching with Carla R. Cannon brings you to a great advantage for she personally has endured rather trivial circumstances but managed to pick up her broken pieces one by one, surrender them to God and now she stands on top of what once held her captive. Guess what? You can too! Whether the help you need is spiritual or practical you have come to the right place.

Carla is solution driven and guarantees to bring you to the results you desire if you are willing to face your fears and do your work. Life is no walk in the park, but it’s much more bearable when you have someone standing with you, sharing strategies on how you can get unstuck and begin to dream with your eyes wide open.

The advantages of coaching with Carla are plentiful but for the sake of time we will name a few: (1) You will gain clarity on your assignment and overall vision as well as receive though provoking feedback that will help steer you in the right direction.
(2) Carla listens to your needs and helps you search within yourself to find the very answers that have been there all awhile.
(3) Carla is a successful entrepreneur who transformed her pain into power by turning her darkest storms into a thriving business and in turn effortlessly teaches others how to do the same.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Coach?


Coaching is a simple yet effective form of personal development where the client and coach create and alliance that promotes and sustains the client’s personal growth and competence. This powerful relationship enables the client to give up who they are, for who they want to become. The job of the coach is to help get them there.

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