In society today, there are so many things that demand our focus & attention.
Whether it’s raising our children, attending functions, spending time with family, going back to school, supporting our leaders in ministry; etc.

In the midst of all of these things we must not neglect our first love which is Jesus as well as our personal time with Him. 
We must remember that He is a jealous God & we are to put none above Him.
Even focusing too much on situations (that we can’t change no way) displeases Him because He desires to have our full attention & wants us to remain in a place where we can hear from Him clearly as He leads & guides us through life.

Many of us are going through one thing or another whether it’s on our jobs or in our personal lives in general but I want to encourage you even as I write to encourage myself that God has everything that pertains to us and is attached to us COVERED.
NOTHING gets by God unnoticed.
If he has every hair on our head numbered then trust that he is truly concerned about our well being & He promises to take care of us.

I know as for me personally, I have always had to fight to obtain stability in my life.
I am a naturally moody person & with this defect in my personality I have to work hard to train myself not to allow things to get to me & not allow the opinions of others to get me down & most importantly not to allow any trial in life to steal my focus.

Anything that we magnify (enlarge) in our minds is what will become our primary focus.
Don’t fool yourself.
The Word of God encourages us to think on pure & noble things & I have found there to be much comfort in the Word of God as well as spending time alone in His presence.

Just me…. and….Him….. 

I don’t know what you may be facing on today. Maybe you lost your job, or your kids are acting up, or your husband/wife has walked out on you, whatever your issue know that God sees it & although it may not feel like it He is working it out for you.

So my sister, my brother endure your season, whatever God is allowing embrace it & allow it to make you better. 

I encourage you again as I stand to encourage myself: DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY for we are free in Jesus & He cares for us so we must trust that He is working on our behalf.


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