I am in a tough season of my life in which I have to trust the Lord with EVERY fiber within me. Whenever you step out & began to fulfill the purpose God has originally designed for your life you must expect demonic attacks & expect for people to hate you for no reason. However, what I love about this passage is it teaches me how I am to behave & it stirs up my faith by reminding me that prayer is vital & I must get back to the basics & reside there. We can never pray too much or fast too much for there is no such thing! We must slow ourselves down & remember to keep God first by maintaining a consistent relationship with Him because the truth is none of us can make it without Him. So be empowered on today & refuse to allow adversity to hinder you from being who God has designed you to be! Continue to move forward! Even in the midst of your pain, even in the midst of being misunderstood & talked about KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Be obedient unto the Word of God & watch Him open the windows of Heaven & shower blessings upon you! Pray for your enemies! Pray for those that seek to set up traps for you & to terminate your life! There is POWER IN PRAYER & we can’t make it without having a solid foundation of prayer (spending time with the Lord & allowing Him to speak unto us). Don’t do all of the talking. Say what’s on your heart & sit in quietness before the Lord even if you have to let out tears, but ensure you allow ‘quiet time’ to hear what the Lord wants to tell you concerning your circumstances. And remember it is ALL working out for your good! So praise God even in the midst of your storm!!!

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