Focus to Finish

I was in a coaching session with a client today assisting her in ways to break the cycle of not finishing what she starts. Then suddenly out of my mouth came the words… FOCUS TO FINISH! Immediately those words resonated with my client and I noticed she had experienced an AHA moment and a new […]

Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

In life we all make mistakes and honestly that’s how we growth. Unfortunately if we grew up in toxic environments where everything we did was critiqued and we were criticized for it, we may find ourselves as adults doing the same things to ourselves (and others) that was done to us. I recently made a […]

Examining Your Inner Child

What is the theory of an inner child? To me it is the general idea that we all have a childlike aspect within our unconscious mind. The “Inner child” can be seen as a ‘sub personality,’ a side of our character that can take over when we are faced with a challenge.” The inner child […]

How to Know if Coaching is Right for You

As a Business & Lifestyle Strategist I have had the honor of teaching women all across the country on how to unlock their perspective, unleash their potential and get activated into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace! I specialize in teaching women how to profit from their passion while getting their message out to […]

7 Financial Lessons Covid-19 Came to Teach Us

I’m sure you can agree that 2020 brought about many surprises for many of us including being quarantined, job losses and transitions, deaths, police brutality and much more. However, today I’d like to invite you to refocus your attention on all that has gone right for you this year. It’s much easier to focus on […]

How to Experience Personal Transformation

In life we all should desire to grow and evolve into the person we were created to be. Transformation can be a tough process because it requires reprogramming as well as transition. On yesterday, I taught from this topic on my Women of Standard platform during our weekly book club discussion and I shared that […]

Feeling Exhausted in Your Business?

As an entrepreneur myself, trust me I totally understand the stress that comes with establishing harmony in your personal and professional life.

The Emotionally Healthy Entrepreneur

As a creative I know what it feels like for your mind to constantly be on go. It is close to midnight as I write this blog however, I made a commitment to myself to release a new blog every Monday and I vow to honor myself by making good on my word.

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Have you ever struggled to have an important conversation with someone you loved? Or perhaps it was with a co-worker or boss. Having difficult conversations