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WOS MISSION:  To educate, empower & impact the lives of global women (& men) as well as bridge the gap among believers.

ABOUT THE COVER:   Founder/CEO Carla Cannon shares her experiences as a young woman launching this great magazine (Women of Standard). She also shares intimate details as it relates to her overcoming homosexuality & how she strategically uses her testimony to empower others. “God allowed me to use the very thing which tried to suck the life out of me, & transformed it into life itself! So today I am only a vessel who is willing to put my life on front street & show the people what the Lord can & will do. If He did it for me, then surely He can do it for anyone”- says, Carla Cannon.

ALSO FEATURED: Join Author Kimberly Stidum as she shares her book, One Weak to Live too Strong to Die which is a testimonial of how the Lord kept her from taking her own life. Growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid) Kimberly always felt a great deal of pressure to assume a certain position & maintain a familiar stance which led to her breakdown in which she  in returnwas gave the Lord ONE WEEK to show Himself mighty & strong in her life. She originally was leaving the letter of her departure for her family to find but the Lord came to her rescue & restored all she had lost! Allow her message of hope to inspire you & encourage you to know that in life we should never give up! To learn more about Kimberly visit

Meet Nichelle Early, Founder of is committed to equipping God’s people to live their best life now! Her goal & focus is to provide ministers with the tools they need to successfully operate in ministry. On her site, Nichelle provides her readers with tools on how to prepare a sermon, proper etiquette; etc. She is also gearing up for her annual conference & for more information visit

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