Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, The Trailblazer

Carla's Personal Story of Transformation

Growing up, Carla was a very talkative and high-energy child who was often cast aside and compared to her older sister. She was labeled as ADHD, and placed in behavioral modification classes which caused insecurities and a lack of self-worth. Between the ages of 5-8, Carla was also physically abused by her mother’s second husband. 

Dealing with the absence of her biological father, and feeling as if she never really belonged, Carla found herself becoming a teenage mom during her senior year in high school. Struggling to find her way, becoming a mother gave Carla a sense of purpose. She often says, “Giving birth to my daughter, was God’s way of breathing new life into me.” Determined not to be a statistic, Carla began to empower other women through Women of Standard newsletter, which evolved into a magazine, then a movement, and now the Woman Heal Experience. This was the beginning of her learning how to transform her pain into passion, to purpose and to profit!

Over the last decade Carla has served as a High-Performance Coach & Trainer, leading thousands of women to holistic transformation while teaching them how to UNLOCK their perspective, UNLEASH their potential and ACTIVATE their life purpose. 

Through her best-selling books, life changing events, one-of-a-kind coaching programs and trainings, Carla uses her life as a tool to express her heart to women through an authentic and transparent approach that reaches them where they are while challenging them to come up higher! 

Carla’s heart is to not only help women make millions, but to teach them how to maintain healthy relationships, mind their mental, spiritual, and physical health; all without losing themselves in the process.

In 2014, Carla made the courageous decision to fire her boss and pursue entrepreneurship full time. With no plan b in mind, she moved forward determined to rock out plan a, all while shaking in her stilettos. 

Becoming an entrepreneur has afforded Carla the opportunity to serve more people by providing them with strategies and a proven to work blueprint that if applied will transform their lives. 

Carla teaches her students and clients to be fearless and how to develop the necessary confidence to move forward in faith, clarity and confidence while pursuing the life of their dream