Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, Holistic Transformation Coach

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In 2014, at the age of 29, Carla made the courageous decision to fire her boss and take a leap of faith to run and operate her business full-time. She has always been passionate about serving others and that led to her mission of helping women get UNLOCKED, UNLEASHED & ACTIVATED!

Her journey has been filled with many twists and turns but like the trailblazer she is, Carla continued to blaze trails by transforming her pain into passion, her passion into purpose and her purpose into profit! Now she teaches women from all walks of life how to do the same! 

In 2017, Carla began an intense healing journey to overcome childhood traumas that led to her diagnosis of PTSD, depression and anxiety. After experiencing a break down while publicly being displayed as a successful entrepreneur, generating 6 figures in her business and traveling all across the U.S. as a transformational speaker, she knew it was time to switch gears and dig deeper into the area of holistic transformation. That is when her assignment shifted and her mission became more intense to help women heal what’s still hurting, re-introduce them to their authentic selves, help them tap into a higher level of consciousness and awaken their inner TRAILBLAZER!

Carla’s transparent approach and bubbly personality is contagious and she never meets a stranger. Her life purpose is to be an expression of God’s heart to every person she encounters. She considers her businesses, Trailblazers University and Cannon Publishing to be her ministry. 

When you connect with Carla, you are connecting with a coach who will believe in you and help you navigate through life’s storms while redirecting you to your true source which is God. As a woman of faith, Carla believes that in life there are no coincidences but every moment is directed by the Lord.

“Consciousness is the basis to all transformation and for a long time I operated on auto-pilot not really enjoying life but merely existing. Today I live a happy and fulfilled life because I had the courage to put myself first and do the necessary work to heal (and continue to do the work). My mission is to help other women to do the same.” 
Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, The Trailblazer