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5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Book NOW

R&B Singer, Alicia Keys pictured with Media Mogul, Oprah Winfrey while holding her new book: More Myself.

Have you ever walked into a book store and immediately became overwhelmed by all of the knowledge you have access to? This happens to me every time I go to Barnes & Noble or a local consignment shop here in the city where I live.

Anyone who knows me knows that I find great comfort in a book store. From novels, to memoirs, to books on business, to nonfiction to fiction to magazines and beyond, I enjoy them all.

Today, R&B Artist, Alicia Keys released her new book, More Myself which is an autobiography based on her journey and career. You may know her from her hit songs: “Fallin,” “No One” or “If I Ain’t Got You” or my favorite, “Girl on Fire.”

Of course I immediately downloaded my copy from Amazon and can’t wait to receive it in the mail in a few days. I’ll be sure to follow up and share a review after reading it.

One of the reasons I enjoy reading memoirs is because I believe we can learn so much from the personal journeys of others. Some of my favorite memoirs have been by Michelle Obama, Taraji P. Henson and Iyanla Vanzant just to name a few.

Reading someone else’s story can help you avoid certain setbacks as you go about your personal or professional journey. During my 35 years on this earth I have read hundreds of books and that is honestly how I overcame certain challenges, became inspired to try new things all because I took the time to look within the pages of a book to explore important lessons others have learned that in turn have taught me how to better navigate life as a woman, mother and entrepreneur.

If you follow me on social media then you are aware of my #writethebookalreadychallenge that I first released on Instagram after being inspired by Tyler Perry’s #hesgotthewholeworldinhishands challenge.

I later went on to see others operate in their gift and use this time as we are all in quarantine to express themselves via Tik Toks, storytelling (Comedian Kevin Hart) and more! One thing I love to see is others authentically being themselves and using their gifts to serve, empower and encourage others.

As an author and publisher I believe that writing a book is a great way to get your message out to the masses. This brings me to the purpose of today’s discussion…

5 Reasons Why YOU Should Write the Book NOW

  1. Someone needs what you have– Your story/journey was never about you. We are all called to be teachers and by sharing our journey that is a great way to serve our communities and the world.
  2. It positions you to leave a legacy- Your book will be here long after you are gone. So many influential leaders who have now passed on left behind tons of you tube videos, books and teachings that we still have access to today. Such as: Jim Rohn and Dr. Myles Munroe. Today, we can go online and pull up teachings from Jim Rohn (who served as the mentor to Tony Robbins) and glean from his wisdom. We can do the same for Dr. Myles Munroe and many others. Ask yourself: What will I leave behind when I leave this earth?
  3. It increases your credibility– From a business perspective, writing a book is the quickest way to gain credibility, establish you as an “expert” in your field and build a professional reputation. After I wrote my first book, The Power in Waiting which served as a memoir of my journey, so many people reached out to me to speak at their events to share my story in front of their audience at conferences, women’s meetings and workshops. These are the type of opportunities writing a book can create for you.
  4. Writing is therapeutic– My journey as a published author all began with my love for journaling. I would notate my thoughts (or prayers as I would call them) and then I launched my own magazine where I wrote for the Publisher’s Voice column and to see my message be received by the masses was encouraging and led to me writing my first book in 2013. Although my writing has been a blessing to many, I was the first partaker in my own experience. Writing became my outlet and a great way to express myself, share wisdom and educate my audience. It will do the same for you!
  5. You can turn your BOOK into a BUSINESS- Writing a book is about much more than words on a page. They serve as a lifeline to many and you can build a career centered around writing which can also lead to a lucrative speaking career.


Are you ready to write the book already? Grab my new “10 Step Guide to Write Like a Boss” by clicking here: where I take you step by step through the process that if followed you can have your book written in 7 days! Yes, you read that right, 7 days! Click the link above to get started today!

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Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon, The Trailblazer is a High Performance Coach & Trainer who educates women on how to package their brilliance to bankroll their business while getting their message to the masses!

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon - The Trailblazer™

Carla R. Cannon also known as The Trailblazer is indeed one of God’s Moguls in the making. With her eloquent yet transparent approach, bubbly personality and contagious spirit, she is committed to empowering global women from the pulpit to the marketplace on how to operate authentically and un-apologetically in their divine calling with a spirit of excellence.

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