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“Hello there! My name is Carla & for the last decade I have served as a coach + trainer where I teach women how to own their BRILLIANCE by awakening their INNER BOSS!!!"

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In October 2014, I took the biggest LEAP of my life! While shaking uncontrollably in my stilettos I made a decision to fire my boss to pursue entrepreneurship full time. It was the best decision I could have ever made! Prior to that I spent 4 years building my business but honestly, I treated it more like a hobby than an empire! 

To achieve any goal in life we must first experience a mind shift and then commit to taking CONSISTENT ACTION! 

This is where I come in as your Activation Coach and teach you how to UNLOCK your perspective, UNLEASH your potential and ACTIVATE you into purpose!

If it can happen for ME, it can happen for YOU!


                                                                                               LET ME SHOW YOU HOW!!!!!!!

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What happened to you may not have been your fault, but healing is your responsibility! 

Join Carla in a sacred space to work through the hard stuff, while becoming more self-aware, healing past wounds and transforming into the highest version of yourself!

Episodes are short & to the point!

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Carla’s genuine passion to see women win is unmatched! With her relevant, real and raw approach, women are left hanging on to her every word! WHY? Because she’s a BOSS & TRAILBLAZER who has dedicated her life to helping  women give BIRTH to their INNER BOSS by activating their BRILLIANCE!

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