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Hello BOSS Friends! I am Carla R. Cannon-Lawrence, The Trailblazer & I serve as a Holistic Transformation Coach where I teach aspiring, emerging & established entrepreneurs how to package their brilliance to bankroll their business without burning out in the process!

I also lead women to holistic transformation by teaching them how to heal what's still hurting, discover their authentic voice, & awaken their inner BOSS!

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Over the last decade Carla has served as a guide, leading thousands of women to holistic transformation while teaching them how to UNLOCK their perspective, UNLEASH their potential and ACTIVATE their life purpose. 
Through her best-selling books, life changing events, one-of-a-kind coaching programs and trainings, Carla uses her life as a tool to express her heart to women through an authentic and transparent approach that reaches them where they are while challenging them to come up higher! 
Carla’s heart is to not only help women make millions, but to teach them how to maintain healthy relationships, mind their mental, spiritual, and physical health; all without losing themselves in the process.


What happened to you may not be your fault, but healing is YOUR responsibility!

Are you ready to learn how to start your own business without breaking the bank? Here's how...

In today's message I am encouraging you to press through the pain to unlock your life purpose!

Learn how to experience lasting success in your business by applying these 5 principles!


Religion Almost Killed Me, But My Relationship With God is What Healed Me

Journey to Finding Me is an Excellent Read For Anyone Who Is:

  • Struggling with their sexuality
  • Suffering from spiritual abuse
  • Unclear about their purpose
  • Seeking clarity on their journey
  • In need of guidance & support

    Religion Almost Killed Me, But My Relationship With God is What Healed Me! Within the pages of this book, Carla candidly shares her experiences of how she learned to accept herself fully and operate in her brilliance authentically and unapologetically!

    Journey to Finding Me is an Excellent Read For Anyone Who Is:

    What happened to you may not have been your fault, but healing is your responsibility! 

    Join Carla in a sacred space to work through the hard stuff, while becoming more self-aware, healing past wounds and transforming into the highest version of yourself!

    Episodes are short & life changing!

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    Carla’s genuine passion to see women win is unmatched! With her relevant, real and raw approach, women are left hanging on to her every word! WHY? Because she’s a BOSS & TRAILBLAZER who has dedicated her life to helping  women give BIRTH to their INNER BOSS by activating their BRILLIANCE! Her messages are designed to UNLOCK, UNLEASH & ACTIVATE purpose driven individuals into purpose authentically & unapologetically! Not only will they leave empowered, but with a blueprint they can apply right away!