Great for Aspiring & Established Entrepreneurs, Leaders & Speakers

Welcome to Trailblazers Coaching Academy where you’ll get un-stuck, re-fueled, re-positioned & equipped to live the life of your dreams with your eyes WIDE OPEN!

As your Breakthrough Coach I am committed to your success and commit to providing you with the necessary tools you need to get from where you are to where you desire to be! This includes granting you access to the solutions to various problems you may be facing currently in your business as well as your personal life . The only person who stands in between you and your dreams is…YOU!

Are you in need of a coach but not sure which route to take? Do you desire to take your business, brand and/or overall career to the next level? If you answered YES, then Trailblazers Coaching Academy is just right for you!

Trailblazers Coaching Academy is all about Sisterhood as well and my ultimate goal as your Business Coach is to provide a community of like minded individuals to connect, share ideas and hold one another accountable as you pursue your goals in 2017. 

My mission and key assignment as your Business Coach is to lead you to a place of (1) identifying your true worth, value and potential, which in turn will lead to you (2) giving birth to purpose, (3) nurturing your vision and positioning you to (4 ) watch it grow up!


Trailblazers Coaching Academy is strategically designed for leaders and both aspiring and established entrepreneurs who are seeking clarity on their next big step toward greatness. It is also great for those who understand life is built on relationships and they desire to connect with like minded people which in turn will expand their network which leads to increasing your net worth! 
If you are tired of playing small or constantly shrinking back to make others feel comfortable because they are intimidated by your greatness then this program is definitely for you!

Or perhaps you are one who is seeking more information or knowledge regarding business development, branding, how to develop your own platform and more! If yes, you are a perfect candidate and I encourage you to sign up today!

TCA is also great for those who desire and need coaching in order to run a lucrative business however, may not have appropriate funds to allocate toward coaching. This opportunity is just for you as well! 

Whether you are an aspiring, emerging or established entrepreneur the POWER PACKED information I will be sharing in each master class monthly is sure to get you out of your comfort zone, increase your confidence AND income, as well as properly position you in the marketplace


Trailblazers Coaching Academy Consists of the Following:

  • (1) 60 Minute Group Coaching Call Per Month + Q&A (conducted via Facebook Live in private group)
  • Access to Replays of ALL Trainings
  • Worksheets/Templates for Each Call (Uploaded to Facebook Group under FILES)
  • Tips Centered Around Each Month’s Topic (Discussed in Facebook Group)
  • Access to a PRIVATE Online Community
  • Email Access to Carla!
  • 10% off ALL Products, Services & Events Provided/Hosted by Carla!

*PLUS be the first to know about Carla’s book releases, live events, Freebie Friday specials & more!*

Monthly Topics Include (But are NOT limited to)

  • How to Build Your Business While Working a 9 to 5
  • Women on a Mission: How to Get It All Done
  • MINDSET MASTERY: How to Master Your Thoughts
  • Developing a Fearless Attitude
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • How to Leverage Social Media: Turning Your LIKES into PROFIT
  • The Importance of Changing Your Internal Dialogue
  • How to Break the Cycle of Fear FOREVER
  • MOMENTUM: How to Develop & Maintain It
  • How to Implement Effective Marketing for Massive Exposure 
  • How to Stand Out in a Crowded Market
  • How to Transition from Employee to Employer
  • 3 P’s That keep You Stuck & How to Overcome Them
  • 10 Steps to Up-Level Your Life NOW!

Within the private online group Carla (also known as Coach C) will host what she calls “Q&A Fridays” where you can have all of your questions answered as well as receive tips on a weekly (sometimes daily basis.) 


“Carla ‘Vivacious Fire Starter’ Cannon has been instrumental in me pushing past my pain to passionately pursuing purpose. Through coaching with Carla I have realized my core message as a motivational speaker and have begun living the dream I only once envisioned. I highly recommend Carla as a Breakthrough Coach who will help you become crystal clear on your God given assignment.”– Crisha Bowen (Trinidad)

“Coaching with Carla has given me so much clarity of who I am as well as my purpose. After coaching with Carla, my level of confidence went from 0 to 10! She shared so many tools and strategies as it relates to defining the pearl within me. She taught me how to get out of my own way in order to receive full manifestation of what God has promised for my life. I’m very encouraged and coaching with her, you will be too!“- Mariel Torres (Missouri)

“I began coaching with Carla during a time I was in search of my true identity. She reminded me of the importance of loving myself and being confident in who I was created to be. She also taught me how to transform my pain into power through writing my book. I recommend you to begin coaching with Carla! It will change your life!“- Laquita Pierce (Missouri)

“Carla offers laser focused coaching! This approach helped me tremendously as I launched my business. During our sessions Carla provided practical steps that I implemented immediately to attract clients and provide value rich content to my programs. I was able to discuss concepts from my business courses and strategize with Carla on how those “broad” concepts fit into my specific goals. Carla has been one of the best investments I made in myself and in my business.”- Agata Domond

“Prior to Coaching with Carla, I was paralyzed with fear, uncertainty, and procrastination. This state of mind kept me stagnant from graduating to the next level in my call of duty- which is inspiring women from all walks of life. Carla’s God-given wisdom nuggets, re-branding solutions, and education on business development was like Windex to a foggy vision. This Woman of God is truly fulfilling her purpose in helping other women entrepreneurs take it to the next level. I benefited tremendously from her coaching and would recommend any woman who’s serious about becoming her very own COO to do the same. Carla was both professional yet relatable- now that is a rare attribute!”– Lativia Tipton

Annual One Time Payment of $970 (Receive 2 Months FREE)

Monthly Payment of $97