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A Trailblazer State of Mind: You May Walk Through the Fire But You Shall Not Be Burned


A Trailblazer State of Mind is a great read for motivation on the go! It serves as a reminder to think positively and no matter what happens in your life on any given day you must know that God is in control.

If it is happening, He allowed it because He knows He has already provided you with the necessary strength and strategy to defeat your adversary!

A Trailblazer State of Mind includes quotes from some of today’s (past and present) well sought after leaders such as: C.S. Lewis, Maya Angelou, John Maxwell, Dr. Myles Munroe & more!

The primary focus of this book is to keep readers motivated, empowered and strengthened as they fulfill their divine calling whether it’s from the pulpit to the marketplace on down to their local communities.

Anyone can read this book filled with power thoughts and be inspired and motivated to dare to dream again, execute their God given vision and to remain persistent throughout every circumstance!

Grab this resource to carry with you to be inspired on the go!


About the Author
Carla R. Cannon (also known as The Trailblazer) is a National Best-selling author, Kingdom Entrepreneur and woman on a mission to unlock, unleash and activate others into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace! Her heart’s posture has always been toward the wounded and brokenhearted. She knows what it is like to suffer from childhood traumas, be bound by fear and plagued with rejection and abandonment. Her assignment is to provide others with hope, faith, and practical ways to overcome, when all religious people tell them to do is “pray.” She believes strongly in combining the supernatural with natural practices such as therapy/counseling and doing your soul work to experience divine healing on a long term basis.
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