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A Single Woman’s Focus: Every Ruth Needs a Naomi


A Single Woman’s Focus is a book full of pearls of wisdom for today’s 21st Century single woman.

This book is for women who desire to be married but admit they find themselves continuously in unhealthy relationships and they desire to break the cycle.

If you are a single woman and have found yourself distracted and desire to refocus and get your life back on the right track, then this is a great read for you!

A Single Woman’s Focus: Every Ruth Needs a Naomi is excellent for young and mature audiences.

Topics Covered Include: 

  • Common Mistakes Single Women Make
  • How to Become “The List” We So Often Create
  • Do’s & Don’ts While Dating
  • My Personal Journey as a Single Woman
  • Advice from Single Men
  • Marriage Testimonials of Successful Married Couples & much more!



About the Author
Carla R. Cannon (also known as The Trailblazer) is a National Best-selling author, Kingdom Entrepreneur and woman on a mission to unlock, unleash and activate others into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace! Her heart’s posture has always been toward the wounded and brokenhearted. She knows what it is like to suffer from childhood traumas, be bound by fear and plagued with rejection and abandonment. Her assignment is to provide others with hope, faith, and practical ways to overcome, when all religious people tell them to do is “pray.” She believes strongly in combining the supernatural with natural practices such as therapy/counseling and doing your soul work to experience divine healing on a long term basis.
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